finesse2tymes Net Worth 2024 Son, Age

Note: The estimated Finesse2tymes net worth amount in 2024 is $ 1.6 Million. He is a father of 2 daughters and 1 Son. Currently, he is 31 Years old. Finesse2tymes hails from Memphis, Tennessee. He grew up in a traditional American family. As a versatile artist, he has made a mark in music history. He excels in rap, singing, and songwriting. He is also a notable figure on social media and in content creation. His rise to fame was driven by hits like “Get Even,” “Gucci Flow,” and “Goin’ Straight In.” Over the last decade, he has consistently produced successful music. His work has captivated audiences worldwide. This has led to millions of YouTube views. As a result, he is now a respected icon in the music industry.

finesse2tymes Net Worth 2024

Finesse2tymes earns his income from rap and vocal music. He profits from selling and streaming his work. He also runs a record label, taking a cut from the music’s profits. Live shows and music events add to his income. These efforts are key to his financial growth. In summary, Finesse2tymes has an estimated net worth of $1.6 million.

Year Net Worth Amount
finesse2tymes Net Worth 2024 $1.6 Million

Early Life and Education

  • He hails from Memphis, Tennessee, a city known for its vibrant culture. Artistically, he goes by Finesse2tymes and is known for his unique energy.
  • He has an American heritage and values his private family history.
  • Ricky is a proud U.S. citizen.
  • As a Gemini, he is dynamic and adaptable.
  • His life story intertwines with his astrological sign.
  • He grew up with a younger sibling, who remains out of the public eye.
  • Ricky graduated from a Memphis educational facility.
  • He keeps the name of this institution private, adding mystery to his background.

Some Facts about Finesse2tymes

Spotify Lister Above 1 Lac
YouTube Subscribers Around 6 Lac 60 thousand
Most popular song Back End
Favorite Things Cars and Jewelry
Real Name Ricky Hampton


Personal Life

Currently, Finesse2tymes is navigating life without a romantic partner. In the past, he was romantically linked to Erica Banks, a distinguished American rapper and singer known for her high-profile collaborations, including with Travis Scott, a titan of the music industry.

This past relationship came to an end over differences, particularly sparked by comments from Banks that Finesse2tymes felt were disrespectful, akin to how she might interact with a close male buddy. He expressed his dissatisfaction with this type of behavior from a woman.

A look through his Facebook profile reveals that he is the proud father of a son and a daughter. Although he has confirmed the existence of their mother, he chooses to maintain her anonymity.

Name Finesse2tymes Age 32
Dad N/A Date of birth 10 June 1992
Mom N/A Birthplace Memphis, USA
Siblings Only One Brother Country USA
Marital status Married weight 95KG
Children 2 Kids Height 5 feet 7 inches

finesse2tymes Career

Setting sail on his musical journey in 2010 at the youthful age of 21, Finesse swiftly established himself as a versatile rapper and singer, imprinting his essence on a myriad of albums and music videos.

The mastermind behind the creation of “Memphis Greatest Underrated,” an assembly of esteemed artists, Finesse curated a platform for talent to flourish.

In 2018, grappling with federal weapons charges in Alabama, Finesse found himself serving a five-year sentence, a new chapter in his saga of legal tussles, which included a 2017 arrest where he managed to secure bail. Undaunted by adversity, he continued to cultivate his craft, composing new music before his subsequent arrest.

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Despite the confines of incarceration, his EP, “Memphis Greatest Underrated,” saw the light of day in late 2019, resonating with acclamation from his loyal fanbase.

Upon reclaiming his liberty in 2022, Finesse wasted no time in reclaiming his place in the music realm, unveiling the captivating single “Paranoid,” a collaboration with Baby C, and swiftly embarking on ventures with renowned artists, including Dababy.

His collaboration with Dababy on “Luv N Hip-Hop” soared to over 10 million YouTube views, a testament to its universal allure. Continuously fortifying his musical arsenal with tracks like “Gucci Flow,” “Back End,” “Get Even,” “Humble,” and more, Finesse epitomized unwavering artistic prowess and resilience.