Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth 2024 Wife, Son, Family, Height

Gabriel Iglesias, the dynamic American entertainer, commands attention with his wide-ranging talents and a hefty net worth estimated at $41 million. Renowned for his comedic genius, Iglesias enthralls audiences nationwide with his electrifying stand-up performances. His impact transcends the stage, as evidenced by the overwhelming success of his numerous comedy specials, some of which are now streaming on Netflix.

Total Wealth
$41 Million
D-O-B July 15, 1976
Born Place San Diego, California, United States
National American
Profession Comedian, YouTuber, Singer, Film Producer
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Ethnicity Mexican

Net Worth

The approximate Gabriel Iglesias net worth of $41 million reflects not only his enduring charisma but also the remarkable achievements he’s made in comedy tours, Netflix specials, and acting roles.

Year Approx Amount
Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth 2024 $41 Million
Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth 2023 $40 Million

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

Who is Gabriel Iglesias?

  • He enchants audiences with his skillful storytelling, impeccable voice mimicry, and irresistible humor.
  • Born on July 15, 1976, in San Diego, California, Iglesias’s talents extend to production and acting.
  • His iconic comedy specials, like “Hot and Fluffy” and “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy,” secure his place in comedy history.
  • They also cultivate a fervent global fanbase, cementing his enduring legacy.


While Gabriel Iglesias typically maintains a low profile regarding his personal life, he has on occasion provided glimpses into his family dynamics. Notably, he has highlighted his strong and enduring connection with Claudia Valdez and her son, Frankie, whom he considers his stepson.

Father Jesus Iglesias
Mother Esther P. Mendez
Siblings One Sister
Kids One Child
Wife N/A

Despite their separation in 2017, Iglesias continues to prioritize his relationship with Frankie, showcasing his steadfast commitment to family bonds.

Age, Height, and Weight

As we get closer to 2024, Gabriel Iglesias is excited about turning 48. He’s been talking openly about the ups and downs of trying to lose weight. He’s shared his story to inspire others to grow and change. Gabriel is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, showing he’s really strong and never gives up on his efforts to be healthy and fit.

Age 47 years
Height 1.73 m {5 Feet 8 Inches}
Weight 430lbs (190kg)
Build Healthy
Feet/ Shoe Size 11.5 US


Gabriel career shows how brave choices and big successes go hand in hand. It all started when he decided to quit a steady job and try comedy, which eventually led to him making history as the first comedian to fill Dodger Stadium. He does lots of different things in his work, like Comedy, TV, and movies. He’s really good in shows like “Magic Mike” and his Netflix series “Mr. Iglesias.”

“Top Hits Movies & TV Shows”

Mr. Iglesias 2019 – 2020
The Fluffy Movie 2014
Coco 2017
Magic Mike 2012
Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy 2007
Ferdinand 2017


How much money does Gabriel Iglesias make?

He earns money primarily through his stand-up comedy tours, television shows, and movie appearances. Exact figures on his annual income vary and are not publicly disclosed.

How much is Mr Iglesias net worth?

His net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. This figure comes from his success in comedy, film, and television over the years.

Is Gabriel Iglesias still with his partner?

This celebrity has been very private about his current relationship status. His last publicly known relationship was with Claudia Valdez, with whom he was involved for many years, but recent updates about their status have not been confirmed.