KSI Net Worth 2024 Vs Tommy Fury, Height, Full Name

Olajide Olayinka Williams, widely recognized by his stage name KSI, has emerged as a towering figure in the ever-evolving digital landscape. KSI defies the conventional label of a mere content creator, embodying a multifaceted persona as an entertainer, entrepreneur, and one of the most influential figures of the digital age. Transitioning from his roots as a comedic YouTuber, KSI has boldly ventured into diverse arenas such as music, boxing, and digital marketing, showcasing an impressive array of talents. With an estimated net worth soaring to $101 million, KSI’s journey epitomizes the modern saga of celebrity triumph.

Total Wealth $101 Million
D-O-B June 19, 1993
Born Place London, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Profession YouTuber, Actor, Rapper
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Ethnicity Yoruba

Net Worth

KSI approximate net worth is $101 million. His income derives from a multitude of avenues, encompassing his flourishing music career, active participation in boxing events, engaging YouTube content, strategic investments in the entertainment and digital marketing sectors, and direct earnings from YouTube’s platform.

Year Approx Amount
KSI Net Worth 2024 USD 101 Million
KSI Net Worth 2023 USD 97 Million



  • KSI’s career underscores the profound impact of digital innovation and strategic personal branding.
  • Originating from humble YouTube videos, he has metamorphosed into a chart-topping musician and accomplished boxer.
  • His triumphs in digital marketing and exploration of various entertainment domains highlight his adeptness at maneuvering through the ever-shifting digital landscape.

YouTube Career Info

Channel Name KSI
Years active 2009–present
Genres Entertainment, Comedy, Gaming
Subscribers 24.1 Million
Total views 5.95 Billion

Age, Height, and Weight

Entering 2024, KSI commemorates a remarkable three decades in the industry, a journey brimming with intrigue. While his physical attributes such as height and weight may spark curiosity, it’s his exceptional personality and profound impact on the digital sphere that truly distinguishes him.

Age 30 years
Height 6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Weight 181.3 lb (82 kg)
Build N/A
Feet/ Shoe Size N/A

Family Tree

At the heart of KSI’s journey and accomplishments lies his family, especially his brother Deji, who has also made a name for himself on YouTube.

Real Name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji
Nickname KSI, and JJ
Father Jide Olatunji
Mother Yinka Olatunji
Siblings Deji Olatunji
Kids N/A
Wife N/A

The supportive environment fostered during his upbringing played a pivotal role in propelling KSI to fame, providing him with the freedom to pursue and excel in a multitude of endeavors without limitations. People can read about IShowSpeed.


Who is KSI?

  • Emerging from humble beginnings, KSI exhibited an innate gift for humor and an unwavering passion for video games.
  • His path to fame commenced with the inception of a YouTube channel, where his initial rise to prominence stemmed from lively commentary on FIFA games.
  • As his journey unfolded, he expanded his repertoire to encompass music and boxing, all the while preserving his distinctive fusion of comedy and gaming.
  • With an influential presence spanning various digital platforms, KSI has solidified its position as a central figure in the realm of digital entertainment.
  • He boasts a remarkable audience of over 24.1 million subscribers and amassing an astounding 8.6 billion views.


  • KSI’s journey exemplifies resilience and ambition.
  • He started as a youth from Watford, deeply involved in digital media.
  • Over time, he became a global internet sensation, driven by unwavering determination.
  • His boxing matches against Logan Paul were highly publicized, showcasing his competitive spirit and boosting his fame.
  • Additionally, his foray into music, marked by hit singles like “Lamborghini” and successful albums such as “Dissimulation” and “All Over the Place,” firmly established him in entertainment

KSI’s rise from YouTube sensation to global entertainment icon showcases digital media’s transformative power. His journey is marked by diversification, strategic investments, and unwavering dedication. It offers a blueprint for success in today’s digital world. KSI’s story inspires content creators worldwide. It demonstrates that perseverance, innovation, and flexibility lead to remarkable achievements. His influence spans various entertainment and entrepreneurial ventures, expanding and evolving over time.