Lenny Kravitz Net Worth 2024 Parents, Age, Wife, Height

Exuding an incomparable charisma, Lenny Kravitz embodies the very essence of rock music and stands as a beacon of artistic genius. His evolution from humble roots as a dedicated musician to achieving iconic status is a compelling narrative steeped in inspiration, marked by his adaptability, innovation, and unwavering resolve. This article offers a profound exploration of the intricacies of Kravitz’s life, delving into his personal journey, professional achievements, and the Lenny Kravitz Net Worth is $80 Million—a testament to the enduring impact he has etched upon his legacy.

Total Wealth
$80 Million
D-O-B May 26, 1964
Born Place New York City, U.S.
National American
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Record producer, Actor
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Ethnicity African-American

Lenny Kravitz Net Worth

Lenny Kravitz’s diverse accomplishments shine through his notable net worth of $80 million. His engagement in acting, design entrepreneurship, astute real estate ventures, and flourishing music journey have each played a substantial role in his financial success.

Year Approx Net Worth
Lenny Kravitz Net Worth 2024 USD 80 Million
Lenny Kravitz Net Worth 2023 USD 78 Million

Emerging as an esteemed icon in modern entertainment, Kravitz’s ascent is attributed to his keen business acumen and wide-ranging passions, setting him apart in the industry.

Lenny Kravitz

Who Is Lenny Kravitz?

  • Emerging in the vibrant Big Apple in 1964, Lenny Kravitz’s birth foreshadowed his future stardom.
  • The only child of Roxie Roker, celebrated for her role in “The Jeffersons,” and Sy Kravitz, an NBC news producer, Lenny was immersed in a rich tapestry of culture and entertainment from an early age.
  • His musical fusion, blending rock, soul, funk, and R&B, transcends conventional boundaries, firmly securing his legacy in the chronicles of music history.
Real Name Leonard Albert Kravitz
Nickname The Krav
Father Sy Kravitz
Mother Roxie Roker
Siblings 2 Siblings
Kids Zoë Kravitz
Ex-Wife Lisa Bonet

Personal Life

Balancing his rock star persona, Kravitz prioritizes his role as a devoted family man. His daughter, Zoë Kravitz, shares his passion for acting, while his marriage to actress Lisa Bonet exemplifies a tightly-knit family bonded by love and creative synergy.

Girlfriend Ana Paula Valle
Wife Lisa Bonet {1987–1993}


  • Lenny Kravitz’s musical journey stands out with iconic hits like “Are You Gonna Go My Way” and “Fly Away,” demonstrating his ability to craft timeless masterpieces.
  • Beyond music, his ventures into acting and design underscore his unwavering dedication to artistic expression.
  • His compelling performances in “Precious” and the Hunger Games series, along with his innovative work at Kravitz Design Inc., attest to his exceptional talent and versatility.
Active Year 1981–present
First Album Let Love Rule
First Song It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over


As Lenny Kravitz approaches his 60th birthday in 2024, it underscores his lasting imprint on the industry and the profound influence he has wielded not only in music but also in broader spheres.

How old is Lenny Kravitz? 59 years


Lenny Kravitz’s magnetic stage presence brilliantly enhances his captivating performances. Alongside his musical and stylistic choices, his commanding stature has played a pivotal role in crafting his unique and iconic persona.

How tall is Lenny Kravitz? 1.75 m {5′ 9″}

Lenny Kravitz’s journey epitomizes resilience, ingenuity, and evolution, as he progressed from a devoted musician to a globally revered icon. Beyond the realm of Lenny Kravitz Net Worth, his profound impact on cinema, music, and design echoes a lasting legacy.