Terrence Howard Net Worth 2024 Kids, Wife, Parents

Terrence Howard celebrated as a distinguished American actor and skilled musician, boasts a net worth of $4 million. However, despite his undeniable talent and promising potential for further success, he has navigated through a multitude of financial and personal hurdles on his path, which we will explore in detail in the following section.

Total Wealth $4 Million
D-O-B March 11, 1969
Born Place Chicago, Illinois, United States
National US
Profession Film Producer, Song Writer, Actor
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Ethnicity Black and English

Net Worth

Despite his illustrious career, Terrence Howard’s wealth is estimated at approximately $4 million. However, upon closer examination in the subsequent sections, it becomes clear that a myriad of marital and legal challenges have exerted a profound influence on his financial standing.

Year Amount
Terrence Howard Net Worth 2024 $4 Million
Terrence Howard Net Worth 2023 $3 Million

Terrence Howard


  • Howard’s career soared in the 1990s, shining with standout performances in “Dead Presidents” and the 1994 film “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” yet his true breakthrough came later.
  • His acting journey has been elevated by a diverse range of characters in movies like “Ray,” “Crash,” and “Hustle and Flow,” showcasing his exceptional talent and remarkable adaptability.

Age, Height and Weight

At a height of around 6 feet (183 cm), Terrence Howard not only upholds a healthy weight but also embodies a physique that seamlessly complements both his lifestyle and the varied characters he vividly portrays on screen.

Age 55 years
Height 1.84 m {6 Feet}
Weight 113KG
Build Healthy
Feet/ Shoe Size N/A


  • Anita and Tyrone Howard were the bedrock of Terrence’s family.
  • Their influence was essential to his upbringing.
  • Early challenges and tensions within the family left an enduring imprint on his journey.
  • They profoundly shaped his destiny.
  • Nevertheless, amidst the trials endured, the family stands unwavering.
  • It serves as the cornerstone of his life, offering him a steadfast anchor amidst life’s turbulent currents.
Father Tyrone Howard
Mother Anita Hawkins Williams
Siblings Darnell Williams, Tyrone Howard Jr., Antonio Howard, Ariana Williams
Kids Heaven Howard, Hunter Howard, Aubrey Howard, Hero Howard
  • Lori McCommas {1989-2003}
  • Lori McCommas {2005-2007}
  • Michelle Ghent {2010-2013}
  • Miranda Pak {2013-2015}


Howard began his educational journey at Pratt Institute. He aimed to study chemical engineering. He demonstrated early prowess in the scientific domain. However, he made a pivotal decision to pivot towards acting. He left before completing his degree. This momentous choice served as the starting point for his future career pursuits.

Education Pratt Institute


  • Howard’s skill in acting has earned him widespread acclaim, resulting in various awards and nominations, including a notable nod for Best Actor at the Academy Awards for his portrayal in “Hustle & Flow.”
  • His roles frequently reflect his multifaceted personality, effortlessly intertwining intense and vulnerable moments.

Terrence Howard’s path to success is a captivating tale of resilience and triumph. He faced formidable personal and financial obstacles. Yet, he embodied the unwavering spirit and innate talent of an authentic artist. His narrative resonates with themes of redemption and an unrelenting quest for creative fulfillment. This solidifies Howard’s position as a captivating and enduring presence in the entertainment realm.